It's the taking part that counts... but as some of you are a little competitive, here's a look at our fastest 5k runners during 2018.

Where's my time?
Our records come from officially timed 5k distance races that have taken place in 2018. Your time will not show if you have not added your gender or date of birth (which you can still hide for privacy) to your profile. You can check and edit your profile here.

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Patrick HarfieldPirates Week 5k00:17:16
Michael SmikleBreeze Fusion00:17:42
Levi SupervillePirates Week 5k00:17:51
Juan Pablo ValerioPirates Week 5k00:18:02
Gregley GayleDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:18:16
Tiffany ColeTurkey Trot 5k00:18:51
Paul HenryTurkey Trot 5k00:18:58
Darrel Evans Jr.DG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:19:28
Marius AckerOlympic Day 5k00:19:28
Sean LilleyOlympic Day 5k00:19:31
Ava HiderTurkey Trot 5k00:19:32
Enrico CarmassiDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:19:37
Javier PerezBreeze Fusion00:19:56
Adam GodfreyGuardians Alive 5k00:20:14
Brandon DaleDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:20:14
Llion OgdenCIIPA Charity 5k00:20:15
Yazzer AbdulahDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:20:21
Robert SzalkPirates Week 5k00:20:39
Hugh AndersonTurkey Trot 5k00:20:49
Ben StrangewayDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:20:50
Leo SchillingBreeze Fusion00:21:13
Paul WilliamsDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:21:13
Charles-Antoine SokohlDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:21:14
James CrooksTurkey Trot 5k00:21:16
Jason DeamerDG's 5k Challenge GRAND CAYMAN00:21:20