It's the taking part that counts... but as some of you are a little competitive, here's a look at our fastest 5k runners during 2019.

Where's my time?
Our records come from officially timed 5k distance races that have taken place in 2019. Your time will not show if you have not added your gender or date of birth (which you can still hide for privacy) to your profile. You can check and edit your profile here.

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Gregley GayleCIMA 5k00:18:12
Marius AckerCIMA 5k00:18:33
Theo LefkosCIMA 5k00:18:42
James CrooksWind of Hope 5k00:18:44
Max GoodmanSouth Sound Stride00:18:44
Levi SupervilleWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:18:45
Robert SzalkCIMA 5k00:18:48
Paul HenrySouth Sound Stride00:19:53
Yazzer AbdulahWind of Hope 5k00:20:11
Paul WilliamsCIMA 5k00:20:33
Winston SobersCIMA 5k00:20:34
Javier PerezWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:20:36
Ava HiderWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:20:49
Laura HicksSouth Sound Stride00:20:53
Ben StrangewayWind of Hope 5k00:21:08
Dubadah BoldeauWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:21:15
Enrico CarmassiWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:21:27
Nadine GrayCIMA 5k00:22:02
Mohammad AlaidahWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:22:34
Eugene NolanSouth Sound Stride00:22:55
Mike ScottCIMA 5k00:23:11
Jennifer ColemanSouth Sound Stride00:23:24
Matt O'KeeffeSouth Sound Stride00:23:30
Doris AvalosWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:23:51
Chris LeedamWest Bay Sunrise 5k00:24:08