Pete Ribbins Memorial Ride or Run / Walk Registration

Taking place on Sunday November 19th.
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Time left before registration closes at 6pm on Friday November 17th:


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All Participants are deemed to take part at their own risk. The organisers shall be no way responsible for the safety of the participant. By completing this entry form, all participants/ parents/ guardians accept the following:
1. Abide by the Cayman Islands Road Rules and Regulations. (Roads remain open to traffic)
2.Abide by the instructions provided by the event organisers, marshals & judges.
3.Attest and verify that I have read, understood and I agree to the published race information made available by the Organisers.
4. Waive all possible rights that they or their dependents may have as a result of personal injury or death caused to them as a result of their participation in this event, and INDEMNIFY AND AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS the organisers and sponsors from any liability whatsoever caused to any person or property as a result of their participation in the event.
5. Entry into the event can be made by cyclist aged 18 and over. For entrants aged under 18, entry must be made by responsible parents/guardians on behalf of the children in care.
6. Submission of properly completed registration, payment of entry fee and acceptance of race entry by the participant or his/her parent/ guardian is acknowledgement of the participant's/parent's/guardian's acceptance of full responsibility for his/her participation in the event.
7. I attest and verify that I am physically fit for the event.
CaymanActive's involvement is limited to providing this online registration facility at the request of the event organiser.
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