CASK Karate Promotes Three Women To Black Belt!

CASK Karate Promotes Three Women To Black Belt!

CASK Black BeltsOn April 3rd 2012, Cayman Associated School of Karate  graded three Women from brown belt to first degree black belt (Shodan). This is an important milestone for CASK Karate as these are the first students in the Women's Program since it's creation just over three years ago to start training as a beginner white belt, and make it all the way to black belt!

The Women's Only Program (Wednesday Nights 7:00pm at King's Sport Centre), is an excellent class for Women of all ages to work together in a co-operative, and supportive group to improve their physical fitness, learn Karate techniques, Self Defense, and so much more. This class is a positive and safe environment for all Women to train, and the new black belts in this program will be taking on a key roll in the instruction of this class.


CASK offers Women's Only, Co-Ed Adult, and Youth Programs year round at King's Sport Centre. Karate is great for anyone regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. CASK teaches one of four main legitimate Japanese styles of Karate called Wado. 

Traditional Karate training has many benefits including: Physical Fitness, Self Defense, Co-ordination, Flexibility, Leadership, Discipline, Respect, Japanese Language Skills, Teamwork, and so much more. 

CASK would like to invite anybody in Cayman to come try Karate for a week FREE of charge, and see what Karate is all about.

 For more information, please visit our Website or call 925-3367.