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  1.   Sunday 1st Mar 2020 6:00AM
A fun ride that will challenge all sponsored participants to cycle the entire length of Grand Cayman from West Bay to Rum Point. Then catch the ferry back to SafeHaven. Part proceeds go to Rotary Clu...

A fun ride that will challenge all sponsored participants to cycle the entire length of Grand Cayman from West Bay to Rum Point. Then catch the ferry back to SafeHaven.

Part proceeds go to Rotary Club Grand Cayman

Costs: Individual: $35 / Team (4 people relay and team chellage): $130

Sign – In Will open at 6:00am at the car park adjacent to the Turtle Farm, West Bay. Please bring registration monies to the desk if you didn't pay online. We will have a list and Kym will take your name and pass you to a volunteers to get your chip. We encourage all participants to be at the start by 6.30am we will start at 6:45am.

Race Directors -  Chris Bailey & Trevor Murphy. Once the challenge has started they are in complete control and any decision they make are final. The race day number is 325 8673, Chris will be driving the course ahead of the cyclist to ensure all is in order. We will have two other support vehicles on the course. One behind the last cyclist and one further up the field.

“Chips” are attached to the ankle by a Velcro strap they are very comfortable but have to be on the ankle to register when passing the timing plates.

Course – You are cycling on open roads, approximately 75km – be very aware of traffic and ride safe. The organizers accept no responsibility for any accidents or incidents that occur and all participants have accepted the terms of entry when you registered. You take part at your own risk.

Marshalls - There will be Marshalls at busy points or intersections to help guide your way, all relay and water stops will be clearly visible.

Red Cross – Will be on hand throughout the route to help with any minor incidents or provide quick response. However if in any doubt about the seriousness of a medical emergency please call 911.

Police – Have been notified and approval to hold a public procession has been granted, officers in command of affected districts have been duly notified and will provide police presence as required and available.

Support – there will also be a support vehicle following the last rider and another roaming, but participants are responsible for ensuring they have adequate spares or repairs if needed for their bikes, we strongly recommend at minimum a spare inner tube and puncture changing kit along with a gas canister to inflate. All available from Uncle Bills or Jerome at Revolutions 516 2453

Relay teams – please encourage your teammates to be at their relay stop around 15 minutes before your anticipated arrival time.

New Category Team finish - You make up a 4 man team once 3 member f that team have crossed the finish line the team will be recorded as finished. This allows for some team tactics to be at play amongst stronger riders.

Approximate timing's - Fast/competitive riders will be at the first stop within 30mins, second stop within an hour, 3rd stop within 30 and finish around the 2hr mark. Cruisers add 10-20 mins on those times fun riders add 10-30mins to those. Relay teams do think logistics, as you are responsible for getting yourselves to Rum Point to cheer home your last rider!

Relay/ Water stops – there will be an area clearly marked where relay team will change riders and most importantly the chip! Don’t ride off without swapping the chip! Or your time will be void! Each stop will have Water & Gatorade for all participants. There are 3 stops – South Sound Dock, The Lighthouse and The reef. Drinks will not be passed to Riders you need to stop collect your bottle then move on this is for the safety.

The Finish – will be very visible Just prior to “Rum Point” Barrels. Red Sail are providing refreshments, breakfast and good times. We have some amazing spot prizes and winners awards and will present these as quickly as possible once the last person has reached the finish. We have a cut off time of 12noon. The first ferry will leave at 11am with the last ferry leaving around 12:30. If all are ready beforehand we will leave earlier. Finishers will receive  medals at Rum Point as they finish. Whilst Red Sail are providing a ferry back to Safe Haven Participants are responsible for getting themselves home. Since the previous events the tender boats are not longer available so raid sail are kindly providing their dive boat as a shuttle this is much smaller so we would ask you only take advantage of the ferry if you absolutely have to! Numbers are limited. please be patient as you may have to wait for the next shuttle. We anticipate running 3 ferries 11am 11:45 and 12:30.

There will be a kit vehicle so put your change of clothes/swimming attire or anything else you need at Rum Point for the finish and it will be there when you arrive. Please do not put anything valuable in kit bags as no liability is accepted and the vehicle will be unlocked. Dry kit is strongly advised as there may be a couple of hours wait between the first riders and the final few.

This is the 4th Running of this event and we would like it to be safe and enjoyable for all! Respect the road and other riders. Be safe!

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