We have 58 teams and 619 registered steppers

Adolphus LaidlowESO 2020 Census Counters
Adrian ThomasRCIPS Steppers
Aduke Joseph CaesarMaking Fiscal Strides
Aileen DilbertSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Aliceann KirchmanSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Alisha Wilson#iamjohngray
Alison MaxwellBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Alistair LawThe School of Walk
Aliyah WilliamsCadets in Clear Control
Allan BushCIFEC Steppers
Allan YoungUCCI Steppers
Allison AnglinUCCI Steppers
Allyson Minus-PhillipsMake Haste & Record It
Amber CaumIndependent Steppers
Amory SmithWater Authority - Cayman
Andrea ProctorMaking Fiscal Strides
Andrea SaundersonTeam DCR
Andrea SinghSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Andrew Carter#iamjohngray
Andrew EdwardsSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Andrew Lodge#iamjohngray
Andy BonnerInternal Audit Walkaholics
Andy VernonWater Authority - Cayman
Angela PiercyMaking Fiscal Strides
Angeleta Wilson-DaleySpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Angelica LevyDepartment of Children & Family Services
Angelique SoreilLighthouse School Steppers
Angelyn HernandezJustice League
Anita KellyDA Stepaholics
Anita KhanRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Anita LaPierreWater Authority - Cayman
Anita SmithIndependent Steppers
Ann FennellyCIFEC Steppers
Ann Marie PowellHSA Steppers
Annakay MillerDepartment of Children & Family Services
Anne-Marie DiazDoCS Steppers
Anne-Marie RambarranLegal Eagles
Annette BrownDepartment of Children & Family Services
Annette MurphyUCCI Steppers
Ansil WorrellDoCS Steppers
Antoinette GayleUCCI Steppers
Antoinette JohnsonDEH Iggy Crew
Antoleen WilliamsIndependent Steppers
Anya PayneInternal Audit Walkaholics
Apollinia LaviaMaking Fiscal Strides
April CummingsRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
April TibbettsWest End Primary School
Arek NicholsonExtinguishers
Aretha BrownSPS Hot Steppers
Arvin HaylockCayman Islands Airports Authority
Ashley OsborneBodden Town Primary School
Ava ElliottRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Babet Brown#iamjohngray
Belinda BlessittUCCI Steppers
Belinda GordonDepartment of Children & Family Services
Beryl-ann ClarksonESO 2020 Census Counters
Bethany BuckleyCAA Steppers
Betty BrownTeam DCR
Betty ScottSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Beverley NunezHSA Steppers
Billy Hanson#iamjohngray
Bobeth O'GarroInternal Audit Walkaholics
Bouvia FergusonDepartment of Children & Family Services
Brenda SmellieIndependent Steppers
Brendan SmithSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Brittany BoddenOAG Watchdogs
Brittany ParsonsFluffy n Active
Burton E. SchneiderHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Cadena Suarez#iamjohngray
Caitlin ConnorDepartment of Children & Family Services
Candace HyltonDepartment of Children & Family Services
Candice ForbesTeam DCR
Carl Morgan#iamjohngray
Carlene DouglasCHHS Optimum Steppers
Carlene Hyatt#iamjohngray
Carline Reid#iamjohngray
Carmen EbanksIndependent Steppers
Carol Anne Taylor-RouseSPS Hot Steppers
Carol GopaulSPS Hot Steppers
Carsley FullerRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Cassandra Semonie Ebanks Powery#iamjohngray
Cassius Feare#iamjohngray
Catherine MillerDEH Iggy Crew
Celia MiddletonLegal Eagles
Chabienauth Samaroo#iamjohngray
Charisse MorrisonPoCS Dream Team
Charlene Howell-LitchmorePoCS Dream Team
Charles BoddenLA Steppers
Charmaine Gordon#iamjohngray
Charmaine MillerDoCS Steppers
Charmane Dalhouse DCI Awesome Sauce
Chelsea BlakeIndependent Steppers
Chelsea McFieldIndependent Steppers
Chelsea RankineWater Authority - Cayman
Cherie BranchDEH Iggy Crew
Cherry LuzonInternal Audit Walkaholics
Chevala BurkeDA Stepaholics
Chiara OrdonezThe School of Walk
Chinoy LoganHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Chris DingsdaleSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Chris KrohnPort Authority of the Cayman Islands Steppers
Christine EdenCayman Islands Airports Authority
Christine WelcomeSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
CIG Wellness CommitteeIndependent Steppers
Cindy Diaz GarciaMaking Fiscal Strides
Cindy ScotlandCIMA CIMITES
Claire AllenLegal Eagles
Clare PanyandeeLighthouse School Steppers
Clarie WilsonWater Authority - Cayman
Cleyo Lawrence#iamjohngray
Clive Cole#iamjohngray
Colleen StoetzelHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Colleen WilliamsTeam DCR
Collin AnglinFluffy n Active
Consuella BarnesNRA Pavers
Coralgene Myrie#iamjohngray
Coreen Bryan-Patterson#iamjohngray
Corey ChristianWater Authority - Cayman
Corrine EbanksIndependent Steppers
Corry ChambersSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Craig Smith#iamjohngray
Dan HaydonGeeks 'n Sneaks
Dania FloresDepartment of Children & Family Services
Daniel WoodIndependent Steppers
Daniela ChinLegal Eagles
Danielle ColemanMaking Fiscal Strides
Darbra BoddenFluffy n Active
Darice PinedoGeeks 'n Sneaks
David SmithE-Government Steppers
Dawit HydesWater Authority - Cayman
Dawn LewisLegal Eagles
Dax BasdeoMaking Fiscal Strides
Dayan BryanLighthouse School Steppers
Dean ThompsonSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Debbie-Ann WhittakerMake Haste & Record It
Dee ClarkCIFEC Steppers
Deighton ParkerHSA Steppers
Delfene Gould-EnbuskaBodden Town Primary School
Delores ThompsonCIFEC Steppers
Delroy MylesNRA Pavers
Demsen WatlerSpeed Assessment Unit
Dena Ebanks-IqbalDoCS Steppers
Deniece WilliamsLighthouse School Steppers
Denise Delpesh-MorainIndependent Steppers
Denise DunnMaking Fiscal Strides
Denise Gardiner#iamjohngray
Denise WilliamsLighthouse School Steppers
Derrick WesterborgBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Derrick WilliamsDEH Iggy Crew
Desiree LawsonIndependent Steppers
Desmond White#iamjohngray
Devon BowenLSHS Hot Steppers
Diandra BoddenMinistry of Finance and Economic Development
Dianne ConollyNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Diarmuid McEleneyDepartment of Children & Family Services
Dione Scotland RiveroWater Authority - Cayman
Dionis SimmondsDEH Iggy Crew
Dionne SmithLSHS Hot Steppers
Don ParsonsCustoms Transformers
Doris Morris-HerreraRCIPS Steppers
Dorothy Bodden-WilsonLighthouse School Steppers
Dorothy Chambers#iamjohngray
Douglas SterlingSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Dwayne EbanksBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Dwayne SimpsonRCIPS Steppers
Dwayne TuckerBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Edison JacksonNRA Pavers
Edward Todd#iamjohngray
Edwin Pellot-Rosa IIIDoCS Steppers
Elaine McLeanFluffy n Active
Eleanor FarginLegal Eagles
Elitia VassellCHHS Optimum Steppers
Elizabeth DanielIndependent Steppers
Elle GrahamBodden Town Primary School
Ellen MyrieDA Stepaholics
Elysia MurraySir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Emma HutchinsonLegal Eagles
Erica EbanksTeam DCR
Erin HislopDoCS Steppers
Ernie PearsonSpeed Assessment Unit
Errol McLaughlinESO 2020 Census Counters
Ethel DralIndependent Steppers
Evelyn LintonCHHS Optimum Steppers
Faith EbanksIndependent Steppers
Felipe TercNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Ffion FletcherGeeks 'n Sneaks
Florette Ancel#iamjohngray
Fran General#iamjohngray
Francis AranaLegal Eagles
Franz MandersonStraight Outta ODG
Gail HenryTurtle Troopers
Gareth HaylockSpeed Assessment Unit
Garnet HarrisonOAG Watchdogs
Gavin McDougall#iamjohngray
Gema BrettSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Genevieve TomlinsonDepartment of Children & Family Services
George (Teddy) HydesWater Authority - Cayman
George Taffe#iamjohngray
Georgette WatsonDA Stepaholics
Georgi-Ann Morgan Lighthouse School Steppers
Georgia Harding#iamjohngray
Georgia IsaacsCHHS Optimum Steppers
Gina ArgenzioSPS Hot Steppers
Glen Whewell#iamjohngray
Godfrey Williams#iamjohngray
Greg JamesGeeks 'n Sneaks
Greta MalcolmCHHS Optimum Steppers
Halston FarleySPS Hot Steppers
Hortencia BentWater Authority - Cayman
Houdini SutherlandSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Iain HemmingsCHHS Optimum Steppers
Ian CallowBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Iris PhillipsDEH Iggy Crew
Ivan McLeanESO 2020 Census Counters
Ivis MatuteCayman Islands Airports Authority
J. BernardinoUCCI Steppers
J.D. Mosley-MatchettUCCI Steppers
Jackie PalmerHSA Steppers
Jacqueline ClarkeLSHS Hot Steppers
James GearyTeam DCR
James ParsonsCayman Islands Airports Authority
James VierraHoney I Shrunk The Gut
James WatlerThe School of Walk
Jane HaylockSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Japhia Augustine PoCS Dream Team
Jarrod CoeLegal Eagles
Jasmine PowellIndependent Steppers
Jason RitchGeeks 'n Sneaks
Jason WebsterCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Jean SolomonNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Jefferson DyallDEH Iggy Crew
Jennifer AhearnMinistry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing
Jenny RiversIndependent Steppers
Jerray BrownFluffy n Active
Jerry BanksWater Authority - Cayman
Jess PeaceyHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Jessica EdenSPS Hot Steppers
Jewel Evans-LindseyIndependent Steppers
Jhannaye BoddenJustice League
Jim SchubertMinistry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing
Jo RichardsPoCS Dream Team
Jo Richards Team DCR
Joanne ConollyBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Jodi JackWater Authority - Cayman
Jodi Williams-Wisdom#iamjohngray
Jodie WhittakerStraight Outta ODG
Joel Neblett#iamjohngray
Joel WilsonRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
John DavisHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Johnny SalasExtinguishers
Jonathan Clark#iamjohngray
Joni WoodCAA Steppers
Jordana McLaughlinStraight Outta ODG
Josehp EllisTeam DCR
Joy Jordan#iamjohngray
Joy RankineMaking Fiscal Strides
Joy SimpsonHSA Steppers
Judith SeymourDoCS Steppers
Judy PoweryTenacious Turtles
Julia Watkins#iamjohngray
Julianne Fewless-Thompson DoCS Steppers
Julie JohnsonIndependent Steppers
Justin FrenchDA Stepaholics
Justin HislopMake Haste & Record It
Jyoti Shravan KumarHSA Steppers
K BaileyDepartment of Children & Family Services
Kadeem MillerHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Kadian Jackson#iamjohngray
Kady DaleyLegal Eagles
Kai Matthews-MowattDepartment of Children & Family Services
Kandie HurlstonMake Haste & Record It
Karen JonesUCCI Steppers
Karissa Ross-Cameron#iamjohngray
Karl LovellRCIPS Steppers
Karlene Wright#iamjohngray
Katherine WhittakerNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Katherine WilksLegal Eagles
Kathleen Brown-GremliLegal Eagles
Kathryn Dinspel-PowellMaking Fiscal Strides
Kathy MillerRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Katreena EbanksWater Authority - Cayman
Katrina WatlerJustice League
Kayla SolomonSPS Hot Steppers
Keino DaleyDA Stepaholics
Keiron DaviesRCIPS Steppers
Keisha Hamilton#iamjohngray
Kenya SimmonsWest End Primary School
Kerita Levermore-Stewart#iamjohngray
Kerry-Ann Brown#iamjohngray
Kerry-Ann D'Aguilar #iamjohngray
Kerryann SimpsonCIMA CIMITES
Kesha Fraser-Brown#iamjohngray
Kevin AlleyneRCIPS Steppers
Kevin RobertsLSHS Hot Steppers
Keynese PuseyDEH Iggy Crew
Kieran StigantCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Kimberley WedderburnHSA Steppers
Kimberly FebresDoCS Steppers
Kimberly PearsonJustice League
Kimberly VoadenSunrise Steppers
Kimberly WatlerBodden Town Primary School
Kimia Cunningham-HemmingsSPS Hot Steppers
Kristel SanchezUCCI Steppers
Kristen AugustineHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Kristen FordUCCI Steppers
Kurt McKenzie#iamjohngray
Kyle McLeanTurtle Troopers
Latanya StephensonWater Authority - Cayman
Latoya Walton#iamjohngray
Laura HicksRCIPS Steppers
Lauren DombowskyDepartment of Environment
Lauren KnightInternal Audit Walkaholics
Laveda ThompsonCHHS Optimum Steppers
Leanna JacksonWater Authority - Cayman
Leasa CharltonHealth, Heart & Sole
Lena ThorpeCayman Islands Airports Authority
Leni TatumStraight Outta ODG
Leonora Laylor-Brown#iamjohngray
Lesley-Ann Bernard#iamjohngray
Lilia ConollyMoCA Smashers
Lilieth Richards-BlackSPS Hot Steppers
Linbern Eden Radio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Lisa MaliceTeam DCR
Lisa Moore-JervisMaking Fiscal Strides
Lois KellymanNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Loretta MinzettCHHS Optimum Steppers
Lori BergmanWater Authority - Cayman
Lorna AllenJustice League
Lovisa Vernon-HamiltonLegal Eagles
Lucille BoddenDepartment of Children & Family Services
Luz OrtizUCCI Steppers
Lynette GeorgeMake Haste & Record It
Maggie BaldinoRCIPS Steppers
Marcela Martinez EbanksWater Authority - Cayman
Marco MirandaFluffy n Active
Marco WhittakerHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Marcus LobbanWater Authority - Cayman
Maren Walker#iamjohngray
Margely ReveTenacious Turtles
Maria Brown-LewisE-Government Steppers
Marion PandohieNRA Pavers
Marissa ScottDA Stepaholics
Marjorie CalzadoDepartment of Children & Family Services
Mark RobsonDEH Iggy Crew
Mark ScotlandIndependent Steppers
Mark SeerattanCHHS Optimum Steppers
Marlyn MoxamLA Steppers
Marsena Hydes Carter BarrowMinistry of Finance and Economic Development
Marta La Vonne EbanksFluffy n Active
Martha ConnollyGIS Hot Steppers
Martha Flores#iamjohngray
Martha WatlerRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Martin WilkinsonGIS Hot Steppers
MaryAnn ChaseCHHS Optimum Steppers
Matthew Ebanks#iamjohngray
Matthew HyltonSpeed Assessment Unit
Matthew YatesMaking Fiscal Strides
Maureen BenjaminLegal Eagles
Maxine Green Gayle#iamjohngray
Maxine TaylorIndependent Steppers
Maxine WilliamsTeam DCR
Megan ReyesUCCI Steppers
Melanie HulseCAA Steppers
Melanie RiversMaking Fiscal Strides
Melissa Bridgemohan Justice League
Melissa MaizeHealth, Heart & Sole
Melissa MartinezIndependent Steppers
Melissa McLaughlinSpeed Assessment Unit
Melissa RivasTeam DCR
Melissa SmithSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Melissa SmithSpeed Assessment Unit
Mellisia BonnerCHHS Optimum Steppers
Melvin HodgsonIndependent Steppers
Michael BrombyLegal Eagles
Michael BryanLSHS Hot Steppers
Michael SmithLegal Eagles
Michaiah BryanLegal Eagles
Michelle BarrettIndependent Steppers
Michelle Minzett DCI Awesome Sauce
Michelle PowellCayman Islands Airports Authority
Michelle Reynolds-HenrySPS Hot Steppers
Miles RubyDoCS Steppers
Milissa WebbIndependent Steppers
Miranda GayleWest End Primary School
Mitzi Scott-CanigonTurtle Troopers
Molly ElliottHSA Steppers
Monique Anderson-Coke#iamjohngray
Monte ThorntonCIFEC Steppers
Moveta JervisSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Mundy Lewis#iamjohngray
Nadesha NyathiBodden Town Primary School
Nadine O'Connor#iamjohngray
Nadiyah Abdul-JabbarCHHS Optimum Steppers
Nancy BarnardMinistry of Health, Environment, Culture & Housing
Natalee DykeLegal Eagles
Natalie ChristianWest End Primary School
Natalya BoddenWest End Primary School
Natasha WilliamsTeam DCR
Neil Lumley#iamjohngray
Neila JonesDA Stepaholics
Nickeah Esteban-ChantilopeWater Authority - Cayman
Nickeshia SmithDepartment of Children & Family Services
Nickolas DaCostaWater Authority - Cayman
Nicola AnnistopoulosIndependent Steppers
Nicola Lawrence#iamjohngray
Nicole Ebanks#iamjohngray
Nicole Emmanuel JonesESO 2020 Census Counters
Nicole ThompsonFluffy n Active
Nivedita GhoshPort Authority of the Cayman Islands Steppers
Nohely ComrieCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Norma McFieldRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
O'Brian ClarkeSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Oneisha RichardsTurtle Troopers
Orville CampbellSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Oscar CalidonioHSA Steppers
Pam EbanksMaking Fiscal Strides
Patrianna HemmingsSpeed Assessment Unit
Patrice Douglas-Hanson#iamjohngray
Patricia Forbes#iamjohngray
Patricia MuschetteJustice League
Patson NhamburoCIMA CIMITES
Paul BroomfieldDepartment of Children & Family Services
Paul InnissMaking Fiscal Strides
Paul PuckerinNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Paul SamuelSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Paula WytheCHHS Optimum Steppers
Paulette WilliamsSPS Hot Steppers
Paulinda Mendoza-WilliamsDepartment of Children & Family Services
Peta-Gay BrownSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Quida JohnsonUCCI Steppers
Rachael MandersonTeam DCR
Rachel KleinSPS Hot Steppers
Racquel GoringCHHS Optimum Steppers
Racquel ParsonsThe School of Walk
Raldeen PetrieSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Randall PinderUCCI Steppers
Ranel GrantSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Raquel Forrester#iamjohngray
Raymond SinghRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Reina ScottWater Authority - Cayman
Renae ReidDoCS Steppers
Renee DalyIndependent Steppers
Renee RankinSPS Hot Steppers
Reshma SharmaIndependent Steppers
Reuben Foster DCI Awesome Sauce
Revathy RavichandranUCCI Steppers
Ricardo HenryCadets in Clear Control
Ricardo LashleyMaking Fiscal Strides
Richard TysonDEH Iggy Crew
Richard Wildman#iamjohngray
Richelle EbanksHealth, Heart & Sole
RJ BerryLegal Eagles
Robert AireyGeeks 'n Sneaks
Robert ArchWater Authority - Cayman
Robert TatumBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Robert ToyloyGeeks 'n Sneaks
Rochelle TerryCIFEC Steppers
Rohan MarshallIndependent Steppers
Rohan WebsterNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Rohema RobinsonTeam DCR
Roisin DeanCIFEC Steppers
Rolna Da CostaMaking Fiscal Strides
Romaine EdmanCadets in Clear Control
Roman ReyesLegal Eagles
Rosa RitchIndependent Steppers
Rosemin Barclay-SamuelsSPS Hot Steppers
Rotando ThompsonGeeks 'n Sneaks
Ruth BoddenWater Authority - Cayman
Ryan AwaiLegal Eagles
Ryan DaleSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Ryan Rajkumarsingh DCI Awesome Sauce
Sacha RankineNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Samone Morgan DCI Awesome Sauce
Sandra FeduszczakLighthouse School Steppers
Sandra PreussGeeks 'n Sneaks
Sarah CaswellLighthouse School Steppers
Sarah McDougallCIFEC Steppers
Saskia HurlstonSpeed Assessment Unit
Schian ScottIndependent Steppers
Scott Swing#iamjohngray
Shakira DavisTeam DCR
Shan HunterSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Shanda GallegoRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Shanda ReidIndependent Steppers
Shanique Hananan-LauderE-Government Steppers
Shanna WallaceTurtle Troopers
Shanomage Bailey-HenrySir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Shantannia BryanSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Sharice McleanIndependent Steppers
Sharine SwabyLSHS Hot Steppers
Sharlene BrownSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Sharon DhamalieLegal Eagles
Sharon Thompson#iamjohngray
Sharon WatsonDepartment of Children & Family Services
Shauna Jones#iamjohngray
Sheena Bush Independent Steppers
Shelise Jeffery DCI Awesome Sauce
Shemina McLaughlinLegal Eagles
Shena EbanksNRA Pavers
Sheneen PowellJustice League
Shenek ConollyMaking Fiscal Strides
Sheneka MooreSpeed Assessment Unit
Sherelle ClarkeIndependent Steppers
Sherica GreenCHHS Optimum Steppers
Sherina LloydSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Sherine Barnes Department of Children & Family Services
Sherlyn MurrayIndependent Steppers
Shermaine Jonas-Wynter#iamjohngray
Sheron LivingstonJustice League
Sheryl FarleyCustoms Transformers
Shimar Harding Speed Assessment Unit
Shirlene ThamesIndependent Steppers
Sigrid MenschaartDepartment of Children & Family Services
Simon CSDGeeks 'n Sneaks
Simone EbanksLegal Eagles
Simone Haughton#iamjohngray
Simone Holloway-Williams#iamjohngray
Simone MambyIndependent Steppers
Simone WhittakerNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Sonia Creary Department of Children & Family Services
Sonja RockettHSA Steppers
Sophia Johnston-BrownDA Stepaholics
Sophia WilliamsSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Stacey-Ann AndersonDEH Iggy Crew
Stacy Ann Carter#iamjohngray
Stephanie Fullerton-CooperUCCI Steppers
Stephney Francis-GordonBodden Town Primary School
Sterling EbanksRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Steve DurksenFluffy n Active
Steven Pennington DCI Awesome Sauce
Steven SellarsGeeks 'n Sneaks
Sue BrownriggGeeks 'n Sneaks
Susani LucasLA Steppers
Susanne PalmerUCCI Steppers
Suzanne BothwellJustice League
Suzette Hislop#iamjohngray
Tajae Grey#iamjohngray
Tamara Welcome-BattickCIMA CIMITES
Tamarra DavisFluffy n Active
Tammie ChisholmCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Tamra FrayDA Stepaholics
Taneisha WelcomeIndependent Steppers
Tania EbanksNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Tania JohnsonCIFEC Steppers
Tanique DunbarUCCI Steppers
Tanisha JamesSPS Hot Steppers
Tanya Tomlinson#iamjohngray
Tanyakay ThompsonDepartment of Children & Family Services
Tara BushPoCS Dream Team
Taraq BashirMinistry of Finance and Economic Development
Tariq HanniIndependent Steppers
Tashaena YoungCayman Islands Airports Authority
Tasheka EbanksMaking Fiscal Strides
Tatiana HodgsonJustice League
Ted BilakHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Telma DavisHSA Steppers
Tempora WesleyDepartment of Children & Family Services
Tenisha EbanksStraight Outta ODG
Terryann A Robinson#iamjohngray
Tesia ScottLegal Eagles
Tessa ValentineDepartment of Children & Family Services
Thomas AugustineDEH Iggy Crew
Thomas BoulmayIndependent Steppers
Thoywell FaceyMake Haste & Record It
Tia ParrottGeeks 'n Sneaks
Tiffany A Ebanks Legal Eagles
Tiffany ColeSPS Hot Steppers
Tiffany JacksonSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Tiffany M EbanksExtinguishers
Tina NonatoInternal Audit Walkaholics
Tishelle LoganTeam DCR
TJ RodgersSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Tori ParsonsTenacious Turtles
Toska Seymour-LathamNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Tracy GalvinPoCS Dream Team
Trenda Kelly DCI Awesome Sauce
Tricia Skyers-PalacioSpeed Assessment Unit
Trisha CuffyCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Trisha SmithTeam DCR
Troy AlleyneCHHS Optimum Steppers
Trudy SandersExtinguishers
Trudyann MartinsonGeeks 'n Sneaks
Twanda Haughton-RodgersSir John A Cumber Primary School Steppers
Vanda PoweryDepartment of Children & Family Services
Ventisha ConollyTenacious Turtles
Villence BuchananCHHS Optimum Steppers
Vimala VelusamyLSHS Hot Steppers
Vinton ChinseeMake Haste & Record It
Wade Mitchell-EvansWater Authority - Cayman
Wendy (Warren) WhittakerWater Authority - Cayman
Wendy FisherIndependent Steppers
Wendy Maxwell#iamjohngray
Wes Heistand#iamjohngray
Wesley HowellMake Haste & Record It
Whitney Miller DCI Awesome Sauce
Wilbur Welcome Making Fiscal Strides
William MandersonCayman Islands Airports Authority
William PaquinHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Windell ScottNRA Pavers
Winston SobersOAG Watchdogs
Worren Brown#iamjohngray
Yasmin JamesWater Authority - Cayman
Yvonne D'AguilarTeam DCR
Zein BrownHSA Steppers
Zeta BoddenMaking Fiscal Strides

Our Challenge Sponsors

Bandidos Cantina
Bliss Yoga
Cafe Amazon
Desk Cycle Cayman
Locked Inn
Kirk Market
Revolutions Cycling
Winners Circle Sports
Steppers can show these companies their participation agreement to get these great deals:
Bliss are offering free yoga classes during the Challenge.
Revolutions are offering 2 for 1 entrance to any of their spinning classes.
Winners Circle are offering 10% discount on any in-store purchases.


Pedometer Challenge from the CIG Wellness Committee
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