We took 99,853,583 Steps. Nice Stepping!
575 Active Steppers. 52 Active Teams. 13,044 daily average.

555.2 times around Grand Cayman. 1,729.1 times around Cayman Brac. 1,973.4 times around Little Cayman

Cayman Islands Government, Statutory Authorities & Government Company Employees

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15,017 Steps per Day
270,312 Total Steps

The Deputy Governor


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Abbi-Gayle PhuranHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Adam ClyneDA Stepaholics
Adar EbanksTeam DVES
Adolphus LaidlowESO Step Counters
Ahmed ElsheshtawyWater Authority - Cayman
Aileen DilbertSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Alan WheelerMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Alexcia MorrisCHHS Optimum Steppers
Ali GordonMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Alice Wilson-RaymontDoCS Steppers
Aliceann KirchmanSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Alicia Palmer
Alison MaxwellBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Alliyah McCarthyLegal Eagles
Allyson Minus-PhillipsMake Haste & Record It
Amber CaumTeam DCR
Ameritha JamesNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Amol Pargaonkar
Amy BothwellTurtle Troopers
Andrea Fa'amoePoCS Dream Team
Andrea SinghSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Andrelene S. RoyalESO Step Counters
Andrew EdwardsSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Andy BonnerInternal Audit Walkaholics
Andy VernonWater Authority - Cayman
Aneefa Ali
Angela CullenOAG Watchdogs
Angela Mowbray Making Fiscal Strides
Angela PiercyMaking Fiscal Strides
Angeleta Wilson-DaleySpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Angella MclaughlinCHHS Optimum Steppers
Angelyn HernandezJustice League
Anita KellyDA Stepaholics
Anita Khan
Anita LaPierreWater Authority - Cayman
Ann FennellyCIFEC Steppers
Ann Hunte#iamjohngray
Ann Marie BushLegal Eagles
Ann Marie PowellHSA Steppers
Ann-Marie Webb
Anne-Marie Rambarran
Annette MurphyUCCI Steppers
Annmarie WebbHSA Steppers
Ansil WorrellDoCS Steppers
Anthony EbanksNRA Pavers
Antoinette GayleUCCI Steppers
Antoinette JohnsonDEH Iggy Crew
Anya PayneInternal Audit Walkaholics
April CummingsRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
April TibbettsThe School of Walk
Aretha BrownSPS Hot Steppers
Arisdalmis ParchmontMaking Fiscal Strides
Ashley Smith-PhippsUCCI Steppers
Ava ElliottRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Barbara ConollyFluffy n Active
Belinda BlessittUCCI Steppers
Belinda GordonSpeed Assessment Unit
Beryl-ann ClarksonESO Step Counters
Beth McFieldMake Haste & Record It
Bethany BuckleyCAA Steppers
Betty HurlstonWater Authority - Cayman
Beverley NunezHSA Steppers
Billy Hanson#iamjohngray
Bobeth O'GarroCadets in Clear Control
Brandon ThompsonTeam DVES
Brenda Henry
Briana EbanksMake Haste & Record It
Brittany Parsons
Burton E. SchneiderHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Cadena Suarez#iamjohngray
Cal PoweryPSPB Three Legged Stools
Carl Morgan#iamjohngray
Carmen BrownDA Stepaholics
Carmen EbanksGIS Hot Steppers
Carmen HenryDEH Iggy Crew
Carol Anne Taylor-RouseRed Bay Primary Steppers
Carol GopaulSPS Hot Steppers
Casandra ConnollyLegal Eagles
Cassandra Semonie Ebanks Powery#iamjohngray
Catherine CrabbWater Authority - Cayman
Catherine MillerDEH Iggy Crew
Catherine WilliamsLegal Eagles
Celicea MylesDEH Iggy Crew
Ceta FuentesNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Chabienauth Samaroo#iamjohngray
Chanel MartinezGeeks 'n Sneaks
Charlene Howell-LitchmorePoCS Dream Team
Charlene RobertsOmBlazers
Charles BestNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Charmaine MillerDoCS Steppers
Charmane Dalhouse DCI Awesome Sauce
Charmin FennellHSA Steppers
Chastine Rankine
Chelsea McFieldToo Inspired to be Tired
Chelsea RankineWater Authority - Cayman
Cherie BranchDEH Iggy Crew
Cherry LuzonInternal Audit Walkaholics
Cheryl NeblettLegal Eagles
Chevala BurkeDA Stepaholics
Chevonnese Johnson-Lodge#iamjohngray
Chinoy LoganHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Chris DingsdaleSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Christina SmithTurtle Troopers
Christine MitchellSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Christine WelcomeSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Christopher DonaldsonRCIPS Steppers
Cindy BealMaking Fiscal Strides
Cindy Diaz GarciaMaking Fiscal Strides
Cindy Jefferson-BulginMaking Fiscal Strides
Clara SmithGeeks 'n Sneaks
Clarie WilsonWater Authority - Cayman
Cliff RobinsonDEH Iggy Crew
Colby PoweryMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Colin BarhamTeam DVES
Colin RankinFluffy n Active
Colleen StoetzelHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Colleen WilliamsMaking Fiscal Strides
Collington StewartTeam DVES
Coralgene Myrie
Coreen Bryan-Patterson#iamjohngray
Corrine Ebanks
Courtney YoungSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Craig Robinson#iamjohngray
Craig Smith#iamjohngray
Curtis RichardsWater Authority - Cayman
Da'Vina RamoutarLegal Eagles
Dale Savoury
Dallas Dralle
Damien DaCostaWater Authority - Cayman
Daniela ChinLegal Eagles
Danielle ColemanMaking Fiscal Strides
Danna Ebanks
Danny MandersonCustoms Transformers
Daphine WatsonTurtle Troopers
Darbra BoddenFluffy n Active
Darice PinedoGeeks 'n Sneaks
Darrah JervisLegal Eagles
Dave MoodieTeam DVES
David SmithMaking Fiscal Strides
David WightTenacious Turtles
Davina Palmer
Dawn LewisLegal Eagles
Dax BasdeoMaking Fiscal Strides
Dean BremmerRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Debbie HardingHSA Steppers
Debbie-Ann WhittakerMake Haste & Record It
Deighton ParkerHSA Steppers
Delfene Gould-Enbuska#iamjohngray
Delia Hydes PoCS Dream Team
Delores ThompsonCIFEC Steppers
Deloris GordonPoCS Dream Team
Delroy DyerLegal Eagles
Delroy MylesNRA Pavers
Dena Ebanks-IqbalDoCS Steppers
Dena ScottIndependent Steppers
Denise Delpesh-MorainHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Denise Williams
Derrick WesterborgBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Derrick WilliamsDEH Iggy Crew
Desmond White#iamjohngray
Desreen Binns
Devin TatumDA Stepaholics
Dianne ConollyNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Dione Scotland RiveroWater Authority - Cayman
Dionis SimmondsDEH Iggy Crew
Don MacphersonLegal Eagles
Don ParsonsCustoms Transformers
Donna RhuleCHHS Optimum Steppers
Donnalee WaltonGIS Hot Steppers
Doris Morris-HerreraRCIPS Steppers
Dorothy Chambers#iamjohngray
Douglas SterlingSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Duwayne LawrenceLegal Eagles
Dwayne EbanksBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Dwayne TuckerBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Edison Jackson
Edlyn RuizGIS Hot Steppers
Edrick SeymourWater Authority - Cayman
Edward Todd#iamjohngray
Edwin Pellot-Rosa IIIDoCS Steppers
Egbert Jackson
Eileen MclaughlinHSA Steppers
Elaine McLeanFluffy n Active
Eleanor McNallyMaking Fiscal Strides
Elena CalzadoESO Step Counters
Elena JacobLegal Eagles
Elijah EbanksMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Elisabeth Lees
Ellen MyrieDA Stepaholics
Emilio RitchDA Stepaholics
Erika WatlerESO Step Counters
Erin HislopDoCS Steppers
Ernest EbanksTeam DVES
Errol McLaughlinESO Step Counters
Ethel DralTurtle Troopers
Eulalee WebbDEH Iggy Crew
Euthman Wray
Evadne EbanksMaking Fiscal Strides
Evelyn LintonCHHS Optimum Steppers
Faith EbanksPSPB Three Legged Stools
Faith GealeyHSA Steppers
Felipe TercNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Fisher PorterHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Flossiebell MaraghMaking Fiscal Strides
Francis AranaLegal Eagles
Franz MandersonToo Inspired to be Tired
Gabriela GibsonLegal Eagles
Gail HenryTurtle Troopers
Gail LindoWater Authority - Cayman
Garbeth WrightMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Garnet Baxter#iamjohngray
Garnet HarrisonOAG Watchdogs
Gary PhillipsWater Authority - Cayman
Gavin McDougall#iamjohngray
Gavin RobinsonCHHS Optimum Steppers
Gay Marie SmithRCIPS Steppers
Gegofrey Brown Water Authority - Cayman
George (Teddy) HydesWater Authority - Cayman
George BerryTeam DVES
Georgette WatsonDA Stepaholics
Gilbert MillerNational Weather Service
Gina MatthewsTenacious Turtles
Gloria PoweryThe School of Walk
Grace WatsonMaking Fiscal Strides
Greg JamesGeeks 'n Sneaks
Gregory WaltersTeam DVES
Gretel RawcliffeDEH Iggy Crew
Hannah ReidWater Authority - Cayman
Harold LingardSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Harry VanWagenenHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Hazel FletcherHSA Steppers
Heidi WallaceFluffy n Active
Hortencia BentWater Authority - Cayman
Hughette DoctorIndependent Steppers
Iain HemmingsCHHS Optimum Steppers
Ian CallowBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Iris PhillipsDEH Iggy Crew
Isidora Eden
Ivan McLeanESO Step Counters
J.D. Mosley-MatchettUCCI Steppers
Jackie PalmerHSA Steppers
Jackie Powell Marsden
Jacqueline Whittaker
Jairia BartonLegal Eagles
Jalene Cruz
Jamaal AndersonCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
James GearyTeam DCR
James VierraHoney I Shrunk The Gut
James WatlerThe School of Walk
Jamie Carlos
Jamie HicksGIS Hot Steppers
Jane PantonCAA Steppers
Janelle MuttooNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Janet HarrisCHHS Optimum Steppers
Janice Dixon
Japhia Augustine Cabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Jason AbrahamSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Jason EbanksHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Jason WebsterCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Jean SolomonNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Jeff MarshallMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Jefferson DyallDEH Iggy Crew
Jenesha Simpson
Jennifer Ahearn
Jeph Welcome Water Authority - Cayman
Jerray BrownHealth, Heart & Sole
Jerrell GarnerWater Authority - Cayman
Jerry BanksWater Authority - Cayman
Jesrene AdrianPSPB Three Legged Stools
Jess PeaceyHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Jesse PoweryGeeks 'n Sneaks
Jessica EdenSPS Hot Steppers
Jessica PawlikTurtle Troopers
Jessie Melbourne DCI Awesome Sauce
Jewel BoddenPSPB Three Legged Stools
Jewel Evans-LindseyPSPB Three Legged Stools
Jim Schubert
Jo RichardsPoCS Dream Team
Joanna Welcome-MartinezWater Authority - Cayman
Joanne ConollyBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Jobelle Tio-Donoghue
Jodi JackWater Authority - Cayman
Jodie WhittakerToo Inspired to be Tired
Jody SymsHSA Steppers
Joe MascarenhasTeam DVES
Joel WilsonRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
John Bothwell
John DavisHoney I Shrunk The Gut
John S. Smith Sr.MRCU Light Foot Buzzers
John TibbettsNational Weather Service
Johnathan Levy
Jonathan Clark#iamjohngray
Jonathan MatthewsFluffy n Active
Jonathan MyrieDA Stepaholics
Joni WoodCAA Steppers
Jonina FrederickMaking Fiscal Strides
Jorge BustilloNRA Pavers
Jose ArdilaPoCS Dream Team
Jose GriffithLegal Eagles
Josen EbanksJustice League
Joy Jordan#iamjohngray
Joy RankineMaking Fiscal Strides
Joy SimpsonHSA Steppers
Judy FrederickMaking Fiscal Strides
Judy PoweryTenacious Turtles
Julianne Fewless-Thompson DoCS Steppers
Juliet DilbertDA Stepaholics
Julietta BeaupierreESO Step Counters
Julissa CastilloHSA Steppers
Julius AurelioOAG Watchdogs
Justin FrenchDA Stepaholics
Justin HislopMake Haste & Record It
Justina Anderson
Jyoti Shravan KumarHSA Steppers
Kadeem Miller
Kadie EbanksRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Kai Matthews-Mowatt
Kandie HurlstonMake Haste & Record It
Kara CoeGIS Hot Steppers
Karelle DaCostaSpeed Assessment Unit
Karen GriffithsHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Karen JonesUCCI Steppers
Karen WadeLegal Eagles
Karima Taylor Health, Heart & Sole
Karl LovellRCIPS Steppers
Karlene Wright
Kashka HemansLegal Eagles
Kathryn Dinspel-PowellMaking Fiscal Strides
Kathy TibbettsCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Katreena EbanksWater Authority - Cayman
Katrina StewartHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Katrina WatlerJustice League
Katy BaylesCIFEC Steppers
Keisha LeslieGeeks 'n Sneaks
Kerita Levermore-Stewart#iamjohngray
Kerrilyn RiversMaking Fiscal Strides
Kerry-Ann Brown
Kesha Fraser-Brown#iamjohngray
Keva Robb
Kevin RobertsLSHS Hot Steppers
Kieran StigantCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Kim BerryTurtle Troopers
Kim LutzOAG Watchdogs
Kimberley WedderburnHSA Steppers
Kimberly AllenLegal Eagles
Kimberly DixonJustice League
Kimberly McLeanTenacious Turtles
Kimia Cunningham-HemmingsSPS Hot Steppers
Kimlon LawrenceMaking Fiscal Strides
Kirsty-Ann GunnJustice League
Krista PowellWater Authority - Cayman
Krista Seymour-MohammedCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Kristel SanchezUCCI Steppers
Kristen AugustineHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Kristi McLeanDA Stepaholics
Kristina Christian
Kyle McLeanTurtle Troopers
lacyann HodgsonRCIPS Steppers
Lara ChisholmTeam DVES
Larice BryanDA Stepaholics
Latanya StephensonWater Authority - Cayman
Laurel McLeanDEH Iggy Crew
Lauren CampbellRed Bay Primary Steppers
Laveta DunnFluffy n Active
Leasa CharltonHealth, Heart & Sole
Lee MadisonMaking Fiscal Strides
Leni TatumLegal Eagles
Leon BoddenTeam DVES
Leslie Laing Independent Steppers
Leticia GoringNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Ligia WhitakerMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Lilia ConollySpeed Assessment Unit
Linda SancroftWater Authority - Cayman
Lionel FrederickTeam DVES
Lisa Moore-JervisMaking Fiscal Strides
Lisa ParksHSA Steppers
Lisa Ritch
Lloyd GarrisonTeam DVES
Logan CowanWater Authority - Cayman
Lois KellymanNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Lori BergmanWater Authority - Cayman
Lorna AllenJustice League
Lorna JacksonFluffy n Active
Lovisa Vernon-HamiltonLegal Eagles
Luisa McLaughlin
Lynette GeorgeMake Haste & Record It
Ma.Rosario SevikDA Stepaholics
Mahipal PersaudDEH Iggy Crew
Malcolm HurlstonTurtle Troopers
Marc WilliamsHSA Steppers
Marcela Martinez EbanksWater Authority - Cayman
Marcia RankinDA Stepaholics
Marcia ScottDA Stepaholics
Marco MirandaFluffy n Active
Marco WhittakerHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Marcus GrizzelMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Marcus LobbanWater Authority - Cayman
Maren Walker#iamjohngray
Margely ReveTenacious Turtles
Maria Barnes-CampbellHSA Steppers
Maria Chow-BoddenThe School of Walk
Mario WoodHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Marion PandohieNRA Pavers
Marion WebsterThe School of Walk
Marissa ScottDA Stepaholics
Marjorie Calzado
Marjorie JohnsonPSPB Three Legged Stools
Mark EbanksTeam DVES
Mark HarrisonLegal Eagles
Mark HodgsonWater Authority - Cayman
Mark McFieldWater Authority - Cayman
Mark SeerattanCHHS Optimum Steppers
Marlon LevyCadets in Clear Control
Marta La Vonne EbanksFluffy n Active
Martha ConnollyGIS Hot Steppers
Martha WatlerRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Martin TeddWater Authority - Cayman
Martin WilkinsonGIS Hot Steppers
Marvin FrederickTeam DVES
MaryAnn ChaseCHHS Optimum Steppers
Matasha EbanksDA Stepaholics
Matthew HyltonSpeed Assessment Unit
Matthew Watler Water Authority - Cayman
Matthew YatesMaking Fiscal Strides
Maureen BenjaminLegal Eagles
Maxine AnglinTeam DCR
Maxine Eldemire
Maxine Williams
Megan ReyesUCCI Steppers
Mekita EbanksDA Stepaholics
Melanie HulseCAA Steppers
Melanie RiversMaking Fiscal Strides
Melissa EdwardsRed Bay Primary Steppers
Melissa Gordon
Melissa MaizeHealth, Heart & Sole
Melissa Martinez
Melissa McLaughlinSpeed Assessment Unit
Melvin HodgsonWater Authority - Cayman
Michael BrombyLegal Eagles
Michael BryanLSHS Hot Steppers
Michael Edwards DCI Awesome Sauce
Michael HallCIFEC Steppers
Micheal GardenerTurtle Troopers
Michele Rochester
Michelle BahadurMaking Fiscal Strides
Michelle Barrett
Michelle Minzett DCI Awesome Sauce
Michelle Reynolds-HenrySPS Hot Steppers
Miles RubyDoCS Steppers
Milissa WebbHealth, Heart & Sole
Milton Dixon
Miriam FosterFluffy n Active
Mitzi Codner
Mitzi Scott-CanigonTurtle Troopers
Molly ElliottHSA Steppers
Monyque BrooksTurtle Troopers
Moveta JervisSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Myrna PowellMaking Fiscal Strides
Nadine Manning-TurnerCIFEC Steppers
Nadira LordCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Nancy BarnardMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Nancy Diaz PoweryWater Authority - Cayman
Narnia EbanksESO Step Counters
Nasaria Budal
Natasha Bunting
Natasha WilliamsTeam DCR
Neil Lumley#iamjohngray
Neila JonesDA Stepaholics
Nekita RodriquesPSPB Three Legged Stools
Nettie Bulgin RCIPS Steppers
Nicki SamuelsThe School of Walk
Nickolas DaCostaWater Authority - Cayman
Nicola Annistopoulos
Nicole Ebanks#iamjohngray
Nicole Emmanuel JonesESO Step Counters
Nicole ThompsonFluffy n Active
Nikki McCoyCAA Steppers
Noel JacksonMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Nola SandersonHSA Steppers
Norma McFieldRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Nygel MylesTeam DVES
Olsen BushNRA Pavers
Oneisha RichardsTurtle Troopers
Oscar B. CalidonioHSA Steppers
Osmond KnightMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Pat BellWater Authority - Cayman
Patrice Douglas-Hanson#iamjohngray
Patricia Forbes#iamjohngray
Patricia MuschetteJustice League
Patrick MoranLegal Eagles
Paul InnissMaking Fiscal Strides
Paul PuckerinNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Paulette Conolly-BaileyRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Paulette Wright-HallCIFEC Steppers
Peta-Gay BrownSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Peter WhittakerCIMA CIMITES
Phillip SmithDA Stepaholics
Priscilla Powery-LivingstonNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Quida JohnsonUCCI Steppers
Rachel KleinSPS Hot Steppers
Ramona SimpsonTeam DVES
Randall PinderUCCI Steppers
Ranny HarrisTeam DVES
Raquel Solomon
Rawle GrahamHealth, Heart & Sole
Raymond SinghRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Reginald BorneoCIMA CIMITES
Renee Daly
Renee EbanksDoCS Steppers
Renee RankinSPS Hot Steppers
Reshma SharmaLegal Eagles
Reuben Foster DCI Awesome Sauce
Rhonda WebsterFluffy n Active
Ricardo CaballeroMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Ricardo HenryCadets in Clear Control
Ricardo SmithTurtle Troopers
Richard SimmsTeam DVES
Richard TysonDEH Iggy Crew
Richard Wildman#iamjohngray
RJ BerryLegal Eagles
Robert AireyGeeks 'n Sneaks
Robert EbanksFluffy n Active
Robert TatumBetween a Walk & a Hard Pace
Robert ToyloyGeeks 'n Sneaks
Rohan Marshall
Rohan RileyNHDT Steppers
Roisin DeanCIFEC Steppers
Roman ReyesLegal Eagles
Rosa Ritch
Roshaun FrederickSpeed Assessment Unit
Ruel HuetOAG Watchdogs
Rupert VasquezSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Ruth BoddenWater Authority - Cayman
Ruth MassarellaSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Ruthney ShawFluffy n Active
Ryan DaleRed Bay Primary Steppers
Ryan Rajkumarsingh DCI Awesome Sauce
Samantha Acosta
Samone Morgan DCI Awesome Sauce
Samuel BulginLegal Eagles
Sandra PreussGeeks 'n Sneaks
Sandy HermistonOmBlazers
Sara McLeanHealth, Heart & Sole
Sarah McDougallCIFEC Steppers
Scott Swing#iamjohngray
Seymour HallTeam DVES
Shakira Davis
Shakira GregoryNational Weather Service
Shamique Davis OmBlazers
Shan WhittakerCIMA CIMITES
Shana WaltonDA Stepaholics
Shanda Reid
Shanna WallaceTurtle Troopers
Shari WaltonLegal Eagles
Sharice McleanCHHS Optimum Steppers
Sharine SwabyLSHS Hot Steppers
Sharlene BrownSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Sharmene Bush
Sharon CrawfordESO Step Counters
Sharon DhamalieLegal Eagles
Sharon GagerThe School of Walk
Sharon Thompson
Shaun BrownGeeks 'n Sneaks
Shawnee Ebanks
Shayhnie BoddenCIMA CIMITES
Sheena Bush Health, Heart & Sole
Sheena ConollyMaking Fiscal Strides
Sheena WhittakerFluffy n Active
Sheila RankineNHDT Steppers
Shelise Jeffery DCI Awesome Sauce
Shemina McLaughlinTenacious Turtles
Shena EbanksNRA Pavers
Sheneen PowellJustice League
Shenek ConollyMaking Fiscal Strides
Shenique DixonCIMA CIMITES
Shequita WoodsPoCS Dream Team
Sherelle ClarkeFluffy n Active
Sherlyn MurrayRCIPS Steppers
Sheron LivingstonJustice League
Sherry ScottDA Stepaholics
Shomari SolomonCIMA CIMITES
Simone EbanksLegal Eagles
Simone MambyCustoms Transformers
Simone WhittakerNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Sonja RockettHSA Steppers
Sophia McCoyHSA Steppers
Sophia WilliamsSpartan Warriors: Beast Mode On!
Stacey-Ann AndersonDEH Iggy Crew
Stephane DelapenhaTeam DVES
Stephanie AzanCIMA CIMITES
Stephanie Fullerton-CooperUCCI Steppers
Stephen QuinlandTeam DVES
Stephen Ta'BoisFluffy n Active
Stephene Wright
Stephon JohnsonGIS Hot Steppers
Sterling EbanksRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Steve DurksenFluffy n Active
Steven ClarkCHHS Optimum Steppers
Steven ScottDA Stepaholics
Sue BrownriggGeeks 'n Sneaks
Susan WatsonRadio Cayman's Talkers & Walkers
Susanne PalmerUCCI Steppers
Suzette EbanksGIS Hot Steppers
Suzette Hislop#iamjohngray
Suzette Watler-GaleanoLegal Eagles
Tamarra DavisFluffy n Active
Tammie ChisholmCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Tammy EbanksFluffy n Active
Tamra FrayDA Stepaholics
Tania EbanksNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Tanique DunbarUCCI Steppers
Tanya LegallDEH Iggy Crew
Tara RobinsonWater Authority - Cayman
Tariq WebbMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Tasheka EbanksMaking Fiscal Strides
Tatiana HodgsonJustice League
Ted BilakHoney I Shrunk The Gut
Telma DavisHSA Steppers
Teria MclaughlinMaking Fiscal Strides
Terry-Ann Robinson#iamjohngray
Tesia ScottLegal Eagles
Tezadis J RiosPSPB Three Legged Stools
Thoywell FaceyMake Haste & Record It
Tia ParrottGeeks 'n Sneaks
Tiffany A Ebanks Legal Eagles
Todd TwinnTurtle Troopers
Tony HurlstonTeam DVES
Tori ParsonsTenacious Turtles
Toska Seymour-LathamNeighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Trecia HewWater Authority - Cayman
Trenda Kelly DCI Awesome Sauce
Trenton FormanWater Authority - Cayman
Tricia Skyers-PalacioSpeed Assessment Unit
Trisha CuffyCabinet Office - Mission Slim Possible
Tristaca EbanksMake Haste & Record It
Troy AlleyneCHHS Optimum Steppers
Turnettte StewartFluffy n Active
Tuscany DilbertDA Stepaholics
Vanessa Grace Neighbours Walking @ Lightning Pace
Ventisha ConollyTenacious Turtles
Vicki Zelaya-Andrade Health, Heart & Sole
Victoria ParkerThe Gold Line
Vimala VelusamyLSHS Hot Steppers
Vince KellyTeam DVES
Vincent Knox
Vinton ChinseeMake Haste & Record It
Wade Mitchell-EvansWater Authority - Cayman
Wanda ParchmentHSA Steppers
Wendee MillerTeam DVES
Wendy Cumberbatch#iamjohngray
Wendy ParkinsonMaking Fiscal Strides
Wendy WhittakerWater Authority - Cayman
Wesley HowellMake Haste & Record It
Wesrol NyackTurtle Troopers
Wilbur Welcome Making Fiscal Strides
William SanchezTeam DVES
Wilston BennettCadets in Clear Control
Winston SobersOAG Watchdogs
Wintroy RandalDEH Iggy Crew
Yanique Vernon-MitchellIndependent Steppers
Yasmin JamesWater Authority - Cayman
Yolanda ClarkeOAG Watchdogs
Yolita ParchmentWater Authority - Cayman
Yvonne D'Aguilar
Yvonne WaltonTurtle Troopers
Zein BrownHSA Steppers
Zenobia BadleyOAG Watchdogs
Zeta BoddenMaking Fiscal Strides
Zoila EbanksMRCU Light Foot Buzzers
Zulema Bush-RamosWater Authority - Cayman


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