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Full Marathon
All Time Fastest
Justin Grunewald
2:36:23 in 2011
Julie Stackhouse
3:06:17 in 2009
Steve Speirs - CaymanActive GOLDRussell Coleman - CaymanActive SILVERTony Keely - CaymanActive BRONZEBeth Florek - CaymanActive GOLDBeth Florek - CaymanActive SILVERBeth Florek - CaymanActive BRONZE
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Half Marathon
All Time Fastest

Marius Acker
1:15:49 in 2010
Gabriele Grunewald
1:21:12 in 2013
Marius Acker - CaymanActive GOLDMarius Acker - CaymanActive SILVERDominic Corbin - CaymanActive BRONZEKrissy Dooling - CaymanActive GOLDMegan Kounnas - CaymanActive SILVERLauretta Bennett - CaymanActive BRONZE
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